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FFOCOL and Vital have teamed up with The Columbus Metropolitan Library to present the Story of My Neighborhood Script Contest. VolunTeens at the library are encouraged to take photos and write about their own Columbus neighborhood. Three finalists will be picked from the submissions and Vital will produce 2-3 minute films about their neighborhood that will be uploaded to Columbus Neighborhoods. From those three finalists a grand prize winner will be chosen by industry professionals and Vital will produce an expanded 7-10 minute piece on the winner's neighborhood and why it's important to the teen.

The winners will be involved in the filmmaking process by being on set, recording voice-overs and being hands-on with the editing process.

Most importantly, the winning entry will be premiered at FFOCOL with a special red carpet event and Q&A with the winning teen.

Through a grant provided by The New Albany Community Foundation, "New Albany: The Community" was produced by two students from New Albany High School and Vital Film Works, a video production company in Grandview. With the help of many community members, teachers and students, Senior Kai Doran & Junior Taylor Dorrell were able to create an interview driven documentary about life in the community. The film is part of the "Teen Directed Films" program Wednesday, October 3, at 7:00pm.

FFOCOL, Film Festival of Columbus and our Community from Vital Film Works on Vimeo.

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